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  • I've been struggling with this since I switched to Windows 7 x64. I use an ancient database program to maintain the members of my archery club. Works fine on my old desktop pc running Windows XP Home. I wasn't surprised when the program wouldn't run on Windows 7. No problem, I thought, just install XP mode and your good to go. But it doesn't work in XP mode. When I try to start the program, nothing happens. There's no error message and there's nothing in the event log. Weird. So I installed the program on my netbook, also running XP Home. But that's not ideal, I have to switch between two pc's every time I need to change something like a members e-mail address etc.

    Last week, I set myself to solve this and tried a different approach. I used Disk2VHD to create a VHD of my netbook and tried to run this on Windows 7 Virtual PC. That wasn't as straightforward as I thought - Virtual PC doesn't have a SATA controller, so there are some steps you need to take before creating the virtual harddrive. If you don't and try to run it straight away, you'll most likely receive a STOP 7B error. See KB article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314082. Mind you - there's a bug in the registry section of this KB aricle. The header "Windows Register-editor versie 5.00" contains a hyphen where it shouldn't.

    Anyway, created a new virtual PC off this virtual drive and the database program runs fine in the virtual machine. Good, but why does it run on XP Home? To confirm this, I created a new virtual PC from scratch, using XP Pro. Installed the database program. Nothing. Doesn't do anything. Then I created a new virtual PC using XP Home. Installed the database program. Run's without trouble. So I wonder: Why won't that program run on XP Pro??.

    Thing is, XP Home doesn't support all integration features of Virtual PC - especially access to the host drives and clipboard. There's an update (KB961742-v3) you need to install on the guest OS for all integration parts to work. Unfortunately, this update can only be installed on XP Pro. I tried to hack the inf file of this update, but Windows doesn't let me the update when doing so. So I tried to hack XP Home into the 'Home Pro' version I ran on my desktop. This involves some manipulation of hidden registry keys, which are only accessible from a side by side installation. You can't see those registry keys in a running Windows XP. But I don't know how and what to change. I read it in a computer magazine a long way back and I don't have that magazine any more. There are numerous registry hacks on the Internet supposedly changing Home to Pro but they either involve changing  the installation files or registry keys in a running XP - which WONT do the trick.

    So again, why does a program run on XP Home but NOT on XP Pro? Or: how to install KB961742-v3 on XP Home?


    Monday, December 10, 2012 9:04 AM