ActiveSync with client certificate installed! Can we take a profit of the already installed client certificate to webservices


  • Hello,

    We are in a pilot off testing windows mobile 8, to replace the Blackberry's. We rolled out activeSync with a user certificate and it workes fine, with the samsung Ativ S with 10 test users. The total replacement will be 250 devices.

    We use TMG 2010 between our exchange server 2010 and our mobile clients. I have also published an other website on the TMG 2010. When I connect with a laptop with windows 7 (not in AD), it popups for the certificate, you click on it, and there you go.

    When I do it on the Windows phone 8 it does not popup and on the TMG i get an error. When I look on this site:

    There is a line "The client support for SSL/TLS does not include the ability to use client certificates."

    So we can not benefit or profit from the user certificate to SSO to our internal websites? Or is there an other possible solution to get it work... secure....

    Best regards, Perry

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