How to Use Native Dot-Matrix Printer Fonts on ReportViewer


  • I have a report in ReportViewer which uses Arial font. This is fine for a laser printer. I have now connected the Dot Matrix printer and the printer takes more time to print Windows fonts (such as Arial, Calibri, etc). However, the printer has some optimised native fonts. I want to ensure that my report is printed in those native fonts. How can I do it? The whole point is I want to get the report as quick as possible.

    Here is a sample image of the font I'd like to use in my reports.

    Please Help.


    Thursday, September 05, 2013 4:16 AM


  • Hi Vivek,

    If you want to print your report in different fonts based on the printer's type then we need to use font from the SSRS expression. You can have a input parameter for printer type and based on the value of printer type input parameter, Report will show data in specific font:

    To do this, you need to change the textbox property. Right click on any textbox in your report==>TextBox Properties==> Font==>Right the expression like below for your report

    =IIF(Parameters!PrinterType.Value= 1,"Viner Hand ITC","Arial")

    You need to change it for all the required text boxes.

    Now run the report, give the parameter value and see the result.

    Hope this will help you.



    Sunday, September 08, 2013 6:01 AM