Why do Fast User Switching and Windows New Search use Terminal Services? RRS feed

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  • I recently got hit by a really bad, malicious piece of malware that totally trashed my operating system.  As a result, as I had to rebuild my system, I am trying to apply proper security precautions.  One of the Microsoft recommendations is to reduce your security footprint by disabling unneeded services.  One of those services that I thought I did not need was terminal services, since this is a way for someone to get at my machine remotely.

     As it turns out, however, other services that I want to be able to use, such as Fast user Switching, and Window new Search utility, are dependent on Terminal Services.  This makes no sense to me from the security point of view.  This seems to me to be a bad design decision because utility trumps security.

     I am also interested in hiding the administrator account on Window 7 Home Premium while still being able to get at it when I need to do administrative work.

    If Microsoft is listening, I would like to know why you made this decision and have you changed it in Windows 7?

    Secondly, Is there a way to still have terminal services running and at the same time to cut off the potential for remote access through this service?

    Another note:  When I hide the administrator login ID by using the SpecialAccounts\Userlist in the registry, then I can't switch back to the administrator account from the normal user account without first logging out completely because the ability to use the CTRL/Alt/DEL to get to a login screen is not active while in fast user switching.  This is on Windows XP Pro

    Monday, June 27, 2011 7:24 PM