File & Print Service Not Installed in XPSP3 - Sysprep failing


  • Greetings all,


    I have seen an issue appear in my lab that has Sysprep reporting a "Sysprep'ing the machine failed, hr=80004005" error in SMSTS.log.

    For Windows XP the error has two possible causes:

    1) The version of sysprep is wrong (XPSP2 version for example)


    2) The Server service is not running due to File and Print Sharing not installed.


    As Sysprep runs on both XP and Server 2003 it uses the Server service to determine what OS is running. If this service is not running then Sysprep will fail with an error "There is an incompatibility between this tool and the current operating system. Unable to continue."

    Thanks to Mark Wilson for this answer:


    My question is why is File and Print not installed be default?

    I thought it was. I know this was working in my lab environment before and I have changed nothing in my Unattend.txt file.

    Could this service be installed based on network driver installed? The only thing I have changed is the hardware I'm building the OS on.


    I will add the MS_SERVER=params.MS_SERVER   ; Install File and Print Services line to Unattend.txt in the [NetServices] section to see if it now installs and runs without failing, but I'd like to try and understand why this stopped working in the first place.

    Thanks everyone


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