Auto Remote connection With Virtual machine with mstsc.exe passing userid and password through power shell

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  • Hi, i want to auto remote connection with power shell .i make script in powers hell for auto remote connection its working fine on power shell command and also on .Net application such as  console application,windows application ,and also in application.

    currently i want to use it in when i run project with visual studio then its working fine but when i upload it on IIS server then auto remote connection is not working anymore ...i have done  lot of search about it but i did not get anymore exact solution .

    maybe IIS is not allow for run mstsc.exe file because of security purpose.but its urgent for me to use auto loin remote desktop without it my project is useless for please if anyone can help me regarding it then just  try to help me because its urgent for me you can contact to me on my cell phone +919266994345  or you can send me email  on if you have anymore proper solution . if you have anymore solution then please just inform be by email because of its urgent for me 

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    Er. Siya Ram

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