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  • Hi, we have a problem with SharePoint Online search , so need a permanent solution, I know the limitations with in SharePoint Online so do we need to leverage Azure CosmoDB to store there docs and get the results OR shall we add refiners and metadata to SharePoint Online search center.  What is the best solution for this please let me know your thoughts.

    Need a repository that is web accessible (Sharepoint) that can store PDFs  invoices - which will be systematically uploaded – quantity is roughly in the 2.5M or 5k/day), and then able to be queried for those uploaded invoices by metadata; customer number, district number, date, invoice number or a combination of any of these. Also this search result would allow an end user to download those search results (the invoices that are uploaded in a PDF format).

    inability to query past invoices, are currently preventing Accounts Receivable and remote locations from collecting payment for services rendered – i.e. Company is losing money because we can’t provide or search invoices to customers (internal or external) in a timely manner. We would like to have had a talk and potential solution


    Current solution using Sharepoint O365, isn’t providing us the ability to query reliably the document repository as search results can yield more than 5000 records which is a limit of SP.

    Current solution using Sharepoint O365, doesn’t allow downloading multiple PDF’s without clicking each PDF (time/resource intensive)

    Current solution using Sharepoint O365, requires manipulating filters/views in order to get the correct search result filter sets. (not setup, have to be done every time)

    Supporting Documentation:

    Syntax for naming of PDF (metadata also) is XXX_AAAAAAAA_BBBBBBBB_CCCCCCC.pdf

    -         X – A District Number

    -         A –  Account Number

    -         B – YYYYMMDD (Year Month Date)

    -         C – Invoice #

    Saturday, January 12, 2019 7:16 AM