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  • Windows server 2008 R2 with a broadcom netXtream 2 latest driver.
    We have a custom Application that activates Ports 6678 & 6679.
    These ports allow the Custom Thick clients to the Application and fetch data.
    The Application is a set of standalone Exe's that start a service and activate 2 ports 6678 & 6679
    The Server is in a DMZ network that has specific routes
    Attached is the network diagram.
    Server A - IP - GW - Works
    Server B - IP - GW - Does Not Work

    The Remote vendor send data on defined UDP Routes as Multi-Cast: There is heavy retransmission request causing the application to choke on data and not provide realtime data that is required.
    When the GW is the VLAN router ( the Application does activate the ports and telnet to localhost as well but with heavy retransmission
    When the GW is the Vendor router ( the Application does not activate the ports and telnet to localhost fails as well but no Retransmission

    Whats Wierd: We are unable to figure out the start point of investigation for the issue since the Gateway change is affecting the port activation which is exteremely wierd and is going against the OSI and communication logic.

    We have tested by disabling the NIC cards on the server and doing a telnet to localhost after starting the service that completely eliminates any interference by the NW card and see that the ports get activated.

    Sharique 'W@rbuG' Ahmed. 2 b or not 2 b

    Sunday, March 23, 2014 9:04 AM


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