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  • I'm using only the GALSYNC component of MIM 2016.

    There are 2 things I would like to achieve:

    1. update the displayname of a synced object.

    For example:

    The displayname of user object in forest A is 'ABC'.

    When it is synced to forest B, I want the displayname to show up as 'ABC (FixedString)'.

    2. update the targetaddress attribute in the destination forest. Note that the user object in source forest does not have the attribute populated.

    For example:

    user object ABC in forest A does not have the targetaddress attribute. The mail attribute is  

    When it is synced to forest B, I want the targetaddress attribute to be populated with Note the additional domain component has to be added. 

    How would I go about doing the above?

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  • Hi

    If you want to use mim without the portal you will need to do some coding to be able to provision objects.

    in the case you described you need to create a rule extension DLL.

    in the first case it cud be like

    csentry["displayName"].value = mventry["displayName"].value + "(FixedString)"

    in the second case maybe you have the accountName or firstname as a value

    csentry["targetaddress"] = mventry["accountname"] + ""

    This is only examples in this attribute population and you need more code to gett it to work.

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  • Hi

    As Robin rightly says, you can write some code in the rules extension to export it, however the GALSYNC MA may already be utilising the default GALSYNC.dll which comes packaged out of the box at c:\program file\microsoft forefront identity manager\2010\synchronisation service\extensions\galsync.dll

    If the GALSYNC MA is using this, then the source code is available at c:\program file\microsoft forefront identity manager\2010\synchronisation service\source code however I'm unsure if it will be supported by MS if updated (check with them first maybe).

    If you do decide to add the new code, make sure you make a backup of the source code and the galsync.dll file first:)



    Friday, September 9, 2016 8:53 AM
  • Thanks for replying Robin.

    I've already used a custom galsync dll as described here .

    Can you point out which section of the code I can insert the code for attribute population?

    Tuesday, September 13, 2016 10:19 PM