Item Level Targeting IP Address Range - Drive Maps


  • I've been testing Drive Maps by IP address range, but cannot seem to get it working the way I would like. Basically, when a laptop connects to a branch office, I want a drive to be mapped to the local server. When the laptop joins head office network (or any other network), I do not want that branch drive mapped. 

    So in a lab environment,  I have added the branch network range into the Targeting Editor section, and tried with all Action types: Update, Replace, Create,  and also with the "Reconnect" option checked and unchecked, the results are all the same. When VM connects to branch office network, the branch drive gets mapped OK,  but when connecting to head office network, the branch drive still remains mapped. 

    I have tried to add a logoff script that disconnects the mapped branch drive, but unfortunately with that in place, when the VM connects to the branch office network, the drive only gets mapped 50% of the time. 

    Any ideas? 

    Friday, March 10, 2017 4:45 AM


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