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  • Hi,

    Basically i am granting permissions to multiple users in the "manage groups" section.

    I start off by going into manage categories, and select the My tasks category. in there, i do not make any changes (I just select the relevant project, ans say "the user is on the project's team"; I do not select any resources, make no changes in the views). 

    In the permissions section, i select the "team members" group and add it to the users and groups with permission block. 

    In the users and groups with permissions block, i click on the team members group and apply the "Team member" template and save.

    Now i go to Manage groups, select the team members group, add users to this group, add the "my tasks" category, set the "team member" template for the global permissions, click on apply and save.

    Now according to Microsoft, the users must inherit the global permissions once this is done. So i go to manage users, and select on of the users i have added to the "team members" group. I can see that the security group he is in has "team members" in their. BUT, there is no "my tasks" in the right hand box in the security categories section, and the global permissions has nothing checked (no template applied)

    My question is why is this happening? Why are the permissions not being inherited? The work around would be to add the "my tasks" in the security category for each user and set the global permissions, but this is a pain for me to do for 800 users!! Please help!!

    Thursday, April 3, 2014 8:00 AM


  • nkaundinya --

    When you add a user to a security Group in Project Server, that takes care of the security permissions for the user because all of the permissions are inherited from the Group.  When you open a user for editing in PWA, you will properly see the Groups to which the user belongs.  You will not see the Categories or the Global Permissions, however, as those sections are reserved for overrides to the permissions in the Groups.  So, do not fret, my friend:  the software is working correctly.  You DO NOT need to set the Categories or Global Permissions for individual users.  Always control permissions by adding users to Groups, and let it go at that.  Hope this helps.

    Dale A. Howard [MVP]

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    Thursday, April 3, 2014 1:32 PM