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  • I've been reading complaints about the new simplified search box in Win7, and I'd like to propose a simple partial solution. Any feedback would be appreciated. I often want to do an advanced search, but the provided search terms (date, size) are not sufficient. Using a locally saved lookup table of advanced search commands isn't quite practical. 

    I think it would help greatly if Win7 would include a right-click menu on the search box that folds out showing the various search commands. Right now the right-click options are extremely simple, so adding a heading would not generate too much clutter. For ease of access please group by type. For example, if I type 'test' and I get too many results, I'd like to right-click, see a drop down menu that states 'refine', and that folds out into groups with search refinement terms relevant to specific types, grouped e.g. by 'general / email / files / contacts'. Expanding the 'files' group should then offer to insert file-relevant search modifiers such as 'datemodified:' etc. 

    Alternatively, since this would be so convenient, perhaps a 'down arrow' should appear in the right side of the search box that would offer a list of advanced search commands.  

    Neither of these solutions would confuse any current users, and especially the second one would be immediately obvious to all users, and therefore could be implemented without any retraining etc. Is this something that could be added in a service pack / windows update? -Joe

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    Wednesday, September 9, 2009 12:48 PM