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  • Hi all, I would like present a problem with the date fields in SPD Workflows/InfoPath in O365. Let me explain my case:

    1. A site collections is created in Office 365 with GMT -08:00.
    2. SharePoint 2010 / 2013 Designer Workflows and InfoPath Forms are developed for a client in this site collection.
    3. Some of the forms have DATE fields.
    4. The Client informs me that all the date values in InfoPath forms are displayed wrong, precisely displayed the previous day. My assumpution was the GMT Settings.
    5. The client is located in GMT +01:00 Zone. I simply updated the GMT Settings from the Site Settings in the SC.

    It didn't work. 

    All the date fields in any InfoPath form still display the values of the previous day! When I log the date value (WF Log) right after the form is saved, the wrong value is logged. 

    I also tried to delete the form and let the SPD create a new one but did not work out too.

    Deleting and creating a new site collection is not an Option because of the work done by others in this SC.

    I googled it a little bit and found out that onPrem it can be done by setting the server's Time Zone  and some powershell script.

    Has anyone any idea or experienced a similar problem in SPO? Should I directly contact Microsoft Support?

    Thanks an advance,  

    Selim Güler

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  • Hi Selim Güler,

    It’s a known issue in SharePoint online.

    By default InfoPath form picks up the system date on any server that renders the form. In this case, the form picks up the system date on the SharePoint online server, not the time zone set in SharePoint online site.

    As a workaround, open the form in InfoPath client. Or use now() function to get the current date instead of using the date picker.

    Best Regards,

    Linda Zhang

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