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  • why does it say I'm running windows 5.1 when I've downloaded windows 8?

    Thanks for any help. Newbie here. I dont know if I put this in the right category. ; (

    Wednesday, August 24, 2011 11:48 PM

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  • Windows 5.1 is Windows XP

    Windows 8 is not available for download, except for maybe leaked/pirated versions (?). Anyhow Windows 8 is not finished yet and thus not available for use. I would recommend usign Windows 7 until the release is official.

    I would also suggest removing the "Windows 8" copy you installed as it clearly is not Windows 8 but Windows XP.  I think you take a large risk in using this downloaded version. Not only because I am 99,9% sure this is about a pirated version which might contain malware. The fact it was offered to download relabeled to Windows 8, confirms someone is very eager to have you using this version: probably because it is prepped to be used as bot or even to get hold of your private data. So even after reformatting the boot drive, run a virusscan on all volumes to ensure your "windows 8" adventure does end well...

    aside from that, also consider Windows 8 still being uynder development. Only select partners obtain copies of these early versions to allow them to adjust their products to the upcoming Windows. These builds ar NOT finished and will not offer you  the same experience as Windows 8 will do when released. it might be unstable and miss important functions. aside from being ilegal, never use such build for your daily work: it might stop working and you are not eligable for support, no updates or patches are deployed for such builds, some hwardware is not (and never will be) supported and even some softwrae will refuse to install because you Windows version is "strange".


    contain a lot of valuable info on Windows 8 and even it's release!


    Friday, August 26, 2011 11:05 AM