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  • This is a follow-up to the thread found here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/ppsmonitoringandanalytics/thread/64c4b41c-7fa2-4f5c-99ed-d4bd14197007?prof=required

    We have a client who is experiencing slow initial load times when rendering Dashboards on their Sharepoint site.  This behavior is typically experienced in the morning when the users first pull up the Sharepoint site that contains the Dashboards. 

    Additionally, the views were created with ProClarity and then published to Sharepoint.  Rendering inside Proclarity Desktop and the PAS server inside the browser are much faster than in Sharepoint.  PPS scorecards on the SharePoint site load faster than the Dashboards.  

    Also,  when looking at the Dashboards inside Dashboard Designer they all reference the PAS, i.e. http://server/pas/...

    The PPSMontitoringService web.config Bpm.ServerConnectionPerUser is set to FALSE.

    QUESTION 1:  What is the interplay between Sharepoint, PerformacePoint, ProClarity and IIS? 

    QUESTION 2:  Is there a way to warm up these dashboards whether it be Sharepoint, PerformancePoint, ProClarity?



    Reply From Dan English

    There are a couple of things you should look at here in regards to this issue.  First of all this could be because the application pools are basically asleep in SharePoint so you will want to look at this project out on CodePlex - http://spwakeup.codeplex.com/.  The second item I would take a look at would be the number of items on your dashboards and the version of IE that you are running.  If you have quite a few items then you should definitely be running IE8 for the additional threading capabilities - Fix slow rendering dashboard issues with Internet Explorer 8.

    See if these solve your issues.  Since you are not using dynamic (PerUser) security you should be okay on the SSAS cache side of things.  It sounds like it is not a SSAS related issue since you are not experiencing any issues loading the reports in ProClarity and your scorecards appear to be loading quickly.  There is a difference though between rending in the ProClarity Desktop and the PAS Server and when you publish the dashboards it is just a pointer to the PAS site, the views don't get deployed to SharePoint




    Thank you for your reply. 

    We are using the spwakeup.exe but are unsure about three areas.  First, when a SharePoint site is warmed are the webparts contained within also warmed?  That is, if a page is hit is the underlying PAS URL that the view is pointing to also warmed or would that need to be a secondary web request?  Secondly, does the warmer go to each page in each document library or just the main page of each site in the site collection?  We are seeing the former behavior but are hoping for the later behavior.  Third, we have also attempted to use the script from Joel Oleston that inspired your spwakeup.exe but have run into issues with SharePoint sites that have spaces.  For example:


    call :HitPage %1 /finance/Shared%20Documents/Average%20Price%20Scorecard.aspx

    goto :EOF



    echo Hitting http://%1%2

    cscript HttpRequest.vbs GET http://%1%2 //nologo

    goto :EOF


    resolves to Hitting http://servername/finance/Shared0Documents/Average0Price0Scorecard.aspx in the echo and the same is seen when using %%20.


    As for IE8 we did run that and saw limited success.  The load times were faster but not by a significant margin. 


    Another item of note is that we have implemented a Site dimension in the OLAP cube that provides the security.  This, paired with a factless fact Site Security Filter, was implemented in the spirit Teo Lachev’s Protect UDM with Dimension Data Security, Part 2  (http://www.sqlmag.com/Articles/ArticleID/96763/pg/1/1.html).


    The question arises, given our configuration, where does this filtering take place?  Specifically, if a power user with a superset of sites could warm the PAS cache, would a user with a subset of the power user’s site come in afterward and gain a performance boost from a warm PAS cache.  Also the PAS views have complex filtering where a portion of the cube is desired and rendered (typically by Date and Site). 


    Is there a way to ensure that the cube (or large enough section of it) is cached in either the PAS or IIS caching so that when users with varying sites query the data it takes from the cache that slice of the cube and renders the Dashboard?




    Tuesday, December 15, 2009 1:31 AM