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    I have a client that is looking to migrate its pop clients to exchange 2007 with minimal downtime


    At the moment all clients are using microsoft outlook and they are popping their mail down from an internet pop provider. I intend putting exchange 2007 in and redirecting the pop mail (creating mx record) to their exchange mailboxes. But I want to seemlessly migrate the users mail to exchange and redirect their profile without having to visit their workstations if at all possible. So some questions


    1. when a user pops mail to outlook is it always stored locally as a pst file?

    2. Can I use the exprofre script to just redirect their profile and mail to exchange 2007 ( i used this before when migrating between exchange orgs but i had the mail migrated over using the exchange mail migration wizard before hand, obviously cant use that wizard in this scenario, I think this will work to redirect their profile but will have an empty mailbox????)

    3. any good/cheap third party tools?


    So to summarise if I was to do this manually on a client I would export their mail to pst, configure their profile for exchange and then import from pst. I am looking for an script or some automated way to do this for me.




    Monday, April 21, 2008 1:24 PM