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  • Hi guys, 

    I hope you can help me out as I am a novice to Ms Project 2013. What I am trying to accomplish is a simple to do list looking like this (table?). Sorry for the poor formatting, the underscore is supposed to be table grid :)

    Friday March 11th
    Task_____________Resource names____________Subproject_______From______To

    By boxes_____________Mads__________________________Kitchen_____________17:00_______19:30

    Saturday March 12th
    Task_____________Resource names____________Subproject_______From______To

    By tools_____________Mads__________________________Kitchen_____________17:00_______19:30
    Fix sink_____________Joachim________________________Kitchen_____________19:30_______20:30

    I have tried setting up a table - then sorting or grouping by dates. What happens is that under each task - there is a summary row - making it all confusing. And the sorting does only affect groups of task - not every task. Meaning: The Kitchen project is sorted by Start, starting from Monday to Friday - but if I have a new summary below, the sorting starts again. Someone that can help? Please... 

    Thank you so much in advance. 

    Friday, May 31, 2013 9:57 AM

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  • MadsNilsson,

    I don't have Project 2013 but I doubt the version makes any difference with regard to your question.

    A little more information please. You mention a to-do list. Are you using the built-in To-Do List report found under Project/Reports group/Reports icon/Assignments reports?

    Just in general terms. When you use Project's grouping feature, a new group summary line is created (display only, it's not a real line), that summarized the field columns for the grouped data, and a new group summary is created for each critera. I'm guessing you are using two criteria for your grouping (Start and Name) and that's why you are getting the extra group summary line that is giving you problems.

    Have you tried just grouping by Start using the Gantt Chart (or Task Sheet) view? That will essentially give you what you show in your mockup.

    And what exactly are you trying to sort?

    And finally, I see you show the Subproject field. Are you doing all this on a master/subproject structure? A little more detail on your file structure would be helpful. A linked structure has other attributes you need to understand.


    Friday, May 31, 2013 3:30 PM