adding a field to the portal that maps to a custom list as part of a new incident RRS feed

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  • There are custom properties we've added in the Incident class, and would like to extend the End User portal to show these properties and add them as part of any new incidents created. We're using the updated portal from the SDK.


    We want to add another drop-down menu that pulls from one of the custom Classes created in SCSM. The class is of data type List and will store a list of locations.


    Do we need to reuse the CategoryWrapper.cs to create a LocationWrapper.cs or simply call the GetCategories method a second time in CreateRequest.cs?


    If we have a second GetCategories method to pull in the values from our Locations class, would we need to modify the following code with the Internal name of the class to accomplish this?


    private void GetCategories(PortalRequest.RequestTypeEnum selectedRequestType)
          bool isChangeRequest = (selectedRequestType == PortalRequest.RequestTypeEnum.NewChangeOrResource) ?
                      true : false;
          // only if a new change or resource request is selected we create a CR
          // there get the Change Request Area enumeration or else
          // get the Incident Classification enum.
          Guid baseEnumerationId = isChangeRequest ?
                      Constants.ChangeRequestClassificationId : 
                      <strong> Constants.LocationsClassId;</strong>

    Thanks! -Josh
    Friday, June 24, 2011 1:47 PM