MDT images deploying from wrong server


  • So the MDT 2013 server at my office has been deploying Windows 7 images flawlessly for a couple months. I just setup a secondary one at a branch site, on a 1gig imaging VLAN. This VLAN can talk to my office's imaging VLAN via 50mbit MPLS for replication.

    Linked deployment shares has been configured on my server to the branch office, and the Replicate Content function completes successfully. However imaging at the branch office server takes NINE HOURS, as opposed to a half hour at my office. So it must be pulling the images and applications from my office's server over the 50mbit link. The weird thing is that it gets DHCP IPs and PXE boots from the branch office's WDS server (on same box as MDT).

    I don't see any options to force a branch office PXE client to deploy from the branch office's local MDT server, what I am missing??

    Tuesday, December 17, 2013 10:09 PM


  • Your boot images (USB or CD or PXE Boot) will have been created from the first Deployment Share. As such they will always point to that share until you update them.

    To test: In WinPE press f8 and type net use to see where the Z: drive is pointing.

    Fix #1: Edit the bootstrap.ini on your new deployment share and ensure it is pointing to your new deployment server. Then use deployment workbench to connect to that share and update your deployment share. This will recreate the boot image (found in the boot folder).

    Fix #2: Create a LocationServer.xml file that lists all your servers and remove the build server entry from your bootstrap.ini and update your boot disk as above.

    Hope this helps.


    Tuesday, December 17, 2013 11:59 PM