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  • Hello,

    Have a view of a document Library in a sharepoint site.  Would like the view to be seen on our non-sharepoint intranet with working links.  Everything is in-house nothing is external.

    Currently have the view in an IFrame.  It displays with no errors.  When I click on a document link it displays: This content cannot be displayed in a frame.  In sharepoint the view opens documents as expected.

    There are many frames on the intranet linking to IIS content.  So I'm thinking I have to tell sharepoint this is ok.

    Is there anyway that I can tell Sharepoint that the intranet is a safe web where these links can open? 

    I saw where you can tell Sharepoint that certain links to outside pages are safe to open in a sharepoint page.  Can you tell Sharepoint that the intranet is safe web so the view links will open? 


    Friday, June 23, 2017 3:01 PM

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  • This is not a SharePoint issue, but rather a browser issue. You should try adding the IIS site(s) to the Trusted Sites in IE.

    Trevor Seward

    Office Servers and Services MVP

    Author, Deploying SharePoint 2016

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    Friday, June 23, 2017 3:38 PM
  • I have done this and no luck.


    Friday, June 23, 2017 4:44 PM
  • This sounds like the typical case of same origin policy violation / cross-domain browsing.
    I deal with this from time to time with Dynamics CRM where it's quite common to extend it's functionality with iFrame's thru external web-applications.
    As Trevor said this is a security setting in the browser your using and if using IE you can try adding both the Intranet url as well as the SharePoint url which your iFrame points to, to the Trusted Sites.
    If you have done this and refreshed the intranet site and it still see the same problem you could try the adding them to the Intranet Zone or simply test draging the security level to the lowest.

    We usually solve this with virtual directory directly on the loadbalancer with RP and url rewrite url's but you should be able to use IIS modules like URL Rewrite combined with ARR to do the same thing.

    Basically what we do:
    We have our web1 (http://web1/ ) and on web1 we have an iFrame that we want to load pages on web2 (http://web2/)
    If we didn't do anything about this and simply point to web2 we would get an error loading the content.
    Instead we add a virtual directory path to web1 like http://web1/extpages/ where /extpages actually points to the web2 site.
    By doing this, we work around the same-origin-policy.

    Here are two useful links:
    Same-Origin Policy
    Reverse Proxy with URL Rewrite v2 and Application Request RoutingHope this helps.
    BR. /Philip

    Monday, June 26, 2017 9:50 PM