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  • I'm am a school/organisation. I have a custom windows 8.1 on my WDS. I want to be able to configure it so that only the windows i made can boot. I want to disable all other options. This is for security reasons. It would be beter if i could give the administrators to do whatever they want, but limit the users.  I do have an AD installed on Windows Server 2008. 

    Sidenote: My custom windows isn't eufi proof ( there is no signature on it). Is there a possiblity to make it eufi proof.

    My sicere apologize for my lack of decent english. If someone could guide or give me a way to keep searching. Every single bit of information can be helpfull.

    So what i want is to be able to sign my custom Windows image create a key or even if it is possible by enabling it with windows server 2008(WDS server) .
    And secondly i want to be able to not allow others using a different OS by using (pendrive)  Linux. It would be nice if we could dissable usb on boot and only allow the administrators to be able to. 
    Thanks in advance and my apologize for my English. It is not my native language. All suggestions are welcome

    Friday, December 12, 2014 3:54 PM