applications terminated when terminal service session is disconnected


  • I am using windows server 2003 running terminal services. now the problem am facing is that when a users session is terminated, the user loses whatever application he was working on. How can i fix this?
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  • Hi,

    By default, when a user disconnects from their remote desktop session on a Server 2003 terminal server all of the applications running in their session will continue to run, and their session will not end (until restart or manual logoff/reset).  There are session timeout and behavior that may be configured that will change the default behavior, for example, by ending a disconnected session after a certain amount of time.

    Please open Terminal Services Configuration (tscc.msc), double-click RDP-Tcp.  On the Sessions tab, please verify that the two Override user settings are unchecked.

    In Active Directory Users and Computers, please double-click on the user's account and examine the Sessions tab.  Make sure that the timeouts are set to Never, and it is set to Disconnect when a limit is reached.

    Please verify in any Group Policy Objects that are applicable to your TS and/or your users and make sure that the timeouts and limit behavior is configured correctly.  There are settings in both Computer and User configuration.

    After making the above changes please run a gpupdate /force on your TS, log on with a user account that does not currently have a session on the server, and then test by disconnecting.  The session and the applications running within it should continue running after the disconnect.



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