Adding crawled properties dynamically through a foreign key in a list RRS feed

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  • Is it possible to extend the F4SP pipeline in a way that would prevent me from storing lots of ancilary data in a list item that users might want to search on? Here's basically what I'm trying to do:

    A SP list item is decorated with a CustomerID. Using that ID, I can do a query to get all of the pertinant searchable metadata related to that customer (e.g., name, location, industry etc.). if I were to stick all of that extra data in the list, there'd be lots of columns and the data would possibly grow stale over time. Rather, I'd like to have FAST crawl the object and ask for the additional metadata from the external data source using the CustomerID.

    I saw this post which was similar, but not quite what I'm trying to do:

    Thursday, May 24, 2012 8:28 PM

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