Vista Client face issue with Windows Server 2008 DHCP RRS feed

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  • Dear All,

    Sub :- "Windows Vista Business"  loose connectivity with few sites , while it gets configuration for windwos server 2008 DHCP , but if same configuration is forced it works great ( without any issue)

    I have more than 100 PC in my network , most of them are windows XP , but i have 10 - Laptops with windows vista .

    whenever this laptops gets ip configuration from my windows 2008 DHCP , it looses connectivity with some sites . ( i.e whenever i want to check i ping www.googlecom , & as i use yahoo business emails , i also try to ping ip of thease sites to check if's it's DNS issue but same result )

    i can ping to google & , but mostly i can not ping , and my emails does not work ,
    ( some times it also happens that i may not be able to ping google , and can ping other two)

    but if i force same configuration ( i look from ipconfig and then force what i received with DHCP, IP, Default Gateway & DNS  ) , i do not have any problem pinning any of them and all of them works great.

    i'm facing this issue from last one week , with multiple vista laptops , continiously . (all the xp are working great )

    Any help will be very much appreciated

    Thanks & regards,

    Jones Jay

    i also wanted to mentione , that 4 -5 months back , somewere i read if i do not want to use IPV6 on my network i should uncheck from my network properties i did that
    but then , something similar to above happend .

    whenever ipv6 was disable , people with vista  get all the configuration from My windows 2008 DHCP , but  they can not surf any websit nor ping any websites , but if i force same configuratoin ( whatever i received with DHCP ) , then they work gread , it troubled me for a month and finally i found that it was because i disable ipv6. since
    then i enabled ipv6 (it's default enabled ) , since then everything worked gread till last week . 


    Monday, September 14, 2009 5:49 AM