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    Around 3 weeks ago I installed Windows 7 64 Pro from MSDN. It works just great. A lot of applications works just fine and it is really fast. And lot of my applicaiton are quite old.

    But I didn't get some taskbar changes.

    In default settings all icons are big and take more vertical space. Well I tried to use it this way. Say I started 2 Explorers. One with C:\Windows and another with C:\Program Files. On Windows XP I would have 2 buttons on taskbar one will say "C:\Windows" second will say "C:\Program Files". So if I need to switch to "C:\Windows" I would find button by name and click on it (let's not talk about Alt-Tab).

    In Windows 7 I will have one Icon so if I want to switch to "C:\Windiows" I will have to move mouse on Explorer icon, wait for "preview" and then switch to "C:\Windows". I see big productivity decrease for me. Right now I have 21 buttons on my Windows XP and it is from 7 applications (Visual Studio, Delphi, Skype, Opera, IE, FAR and Remote Desktop). So I would have 7 icons in Windows 7 and always should move mouse on icon and then find my application.

    Ok I can switch off icon combining. In fact I did it for Windows XP. Now I can see captions. Much better. But now there is glow and reflection.

    In Windows 7 all buttons has light reflection on about half of button which make harder to read white text on it. And when I move mouse on button it make it glow. And glow color depends on icon. For light yellow icon glow almost white. And active application apply kind of white blur on button as well. As result for some applications (with light color icons) it is really hard to read their captions on taskbar. Application with darker color it still make it worse but  it still some kind readable. I found that my eyes became tired after about hour of work on Windows 7.

    I did search in internet how to remove glow and reflection but it looks like it built in theme or in DWM. Tried Classic and Basic but they are so old and didn't make it better.

    Is it any other official theme available for Windows 7? I don't like to use hacked DWM and theme manager. Or maybe there are some settings to make it better? I spent couple of hours and I wasn't able to make it look nice and simple. I like composition mode, aero peek and other features.

    I have picture but I don't know how to attach it.

    P.S. Just checked over Remote Desktop another computer with Window 7 RC on it. It is the same even in Basic mode.


    Wednesday, September 9, 2009 12:39 AM