jdbcconnector error - list objects are unhashable RRS feed

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  • 18:09:09,469 ERROR [CCTKCallbackHandler] Document: 110, operationId: 1 failed in: processing 18:09:09,470 ERROR [CCTKCallbackHandler] Errors for document:110 18:09:09,471 ERROR [CCTKCallbackHandler] Format Error[document id="110" code="0" description="list objects are unhashable" suggested action="DROP" com ponent="processing" processor="URLProcessor"] 18:09:09,472 INFO [CCTKDocumentFeeder] Feeding to FAST Search completed..... 18:09:09,656 INFO [CCTKDocumentFeeder] At shutdown, the following statistics have been collected: 18:09:09,657 INFO [CCTKDocumentFeeder] Total number of extracted documents...:1 18:09:09,657 INFO [CCTKDocumentFeeder] Rate of extracted documents...........:0.027994737 18:09:09,658 INFO [CCTKDocumentFeeder] Total number of published documents...:1 18:09:09,658 INFO [CCTKDocumentFeeder] Rate of published documents...........:0.027993953 18:09:09,659 INFO [CCTKDocumentFeeder] Total number of successful callbacks..:0 18:09:09,659 INFO [CCTKDocumentFeeder] Total number of failed callbacks......:1 18:10:14,125 DEBUG [JDBCConnector] Waiting for publisher(s) to finish 18:10:14,127 DEBUG [JDBCConnector] 1 publisher threads working. 0 remaining tasks 18:10:14,128 INFO [JDBCConnector] Calling shutdown method on adapters 18:10:14,130 INFO [JDBCConnector] All adapters have completed 18:10:14,132 INFO [JDBCConnector] Stop listening thread has completed 18:10:14,134 INFO [JDBCConnector] Crawl finished 18:10:14,135 INFO [JDBCConnector] Finished running the connector! PS C:\FASTSearch\bin> doclog -e ********************************************************************** ID: 110 Status: ERROR Modified: Wed Feb 13 18:09:04 2013 Elapsed: not available Document log: INFO Pipeline Office14 (webcluster): INFO Operation: ADD INFO Processor FFDDumper: INFO Processor DocInit: INFO Processor PropertiesFeedingFixture: INFO Processor DocumentRetriever: INFO Processor SpyB4: INFO Processor URLProcessor: ERROR <class 'docproc.Exceptions.FormatError'>: list objects are unhashable INFO Pipeline Office14 (webcluster): aborted

    the doclog error is shown above as well....any thoughts as to what this error might be?



    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 11:15 PM

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  • I actually face the same issue, this is due to the combination of using multirownormalizer and URL. When I change the url to another name it works. This is very weird because I didn't have this error before, this appeared only recently.
    Monday, March 18, 2013 10:09 AM