"No exact match was found...." error


  • I recentlyswitched move my SPS2007 to SPS2010. Old and New SPS was on different domains (old=firmblue.local, new=firmred.local).
    Siteworks fine but people picker does not work.
    If I type a user name or any other information in people picker search I get an error "no exact match...". After that, I click on the red underlined text andc choose exact user (although only one user is with that name in a domain), and when I gave him permission (eg. Read) and click OK. AgainI get the same error "no exact..."
    The error does not occur only if I type a domain username then choose permission and click OK. So, without peoplepicker.
    This solution does not satisfy me, because the user who wants to give perrmissions needs to know all the usernames on the domain.

    Thursday, August 29, 2013 11:53 AM

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