Looking for advice/opinions on conserving O365 licenses


  • We've got 900 E3 licenses.  We're in the process of migrating user mailboxes to the cloud.  The problem we're facing is that while we have slightly less than 900 actual user mailboxes, we have many more of what i'd call "utility" mailboxes.  These are generic mailboxes that we used to hand out like tic tac's whenever a department requested one.  There's mailboxes like '', '', '', and on and on and on..  Typically they're shared mailboxes with a group of people having access to them.  While we may have a little less than 900 mailboxes tied to actual human beings, all together we have well over a thousand total mailboxes.  We don't want to burn licenses on utility mailboxes.

    One idea was to convert most, if not all, of the utility mailboxes to distribution lists.  This won't work in most cases since the mailboxes are shared, and we don't want multiple people responding to the same emails.  So that's out.

    Another idea was to add the alias of the utility mailbox to a specific user mailbox and let that person manage the emails sent to that address.  That's out too since it defeats the purpose of a 'shared' mailbox that multiple people can interact with.

    So what are our options?  Are we just out of luck and have to purchase more licenses?

    All advice is appreciated!  Thanks!!

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