MIM 2016 REST API - Issues with Enroll Request RRS feed

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    I'm using the new MIM CM 2016 REST API, which is great. I'm able to pull profile templates using the /api/v1.0/profiletemplates endpoint without issue, and am also able to submit Enroll requests for myself using the /api/v1.0/requests endpoint.  However, when trying to submit an Enroll request for another user (using a request such as the one below), I'm getting back an HTTP 500 error from the service.

    POST /CertificateManagement/api/v1.0/requests HTTP/1.1

        "profiletemplateuuid" : "97CD65FA-AF4B-4587-9309-0DD6BFD8B4E1",
        "target" : "97CC3493-F556-4C9B-9D8B-982434201527",
        "type" : "Enroll",
        "comment" : "Test comment"

    As soon as I add that "target" parameter, the service fails.  If I omit, then my Enroll request works (for my own user).  Both the caller and the target user are full MIM CM managers, with read and FIM CM Request Enroll permissions per the documentation.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.



    Wednesday, August 2, 2017 10:33 PM