Backup appears to succeed but actually fails RRS feed

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  • We're trying to configure backups of our Hyper-V VMs that are hosted on an SMB 3.0 clustered scale out file server and we've run into a wall. DPM works for backing up SQL and Exchange with minimal problem, but it seems to silently fail when trying to back up Hyper-V VMs.

    When setting up a VM to back up, it appears as expected under the Hyper-V cluster's name and expands to show "HyperV" and then expands again to show "Offline\VMName" - the VM is turned off, so I believe this is as expected. We then continue the setup using all default settings for the backup.

    Once it is done setting up, DPM shows that the protection group is "OK" on the Protection tab and the server itself shows "OK" with the green checkmark.

    Trouble starts if you look at the details for the VM. It is showing only 99.8 MB used (the VHD alone is over 30 GB on that particular VM). Further, if you go to the Recovery tab, the VM doesn't show up there at all.

    If I then attempt to run a consistency check or create a recovery point, it fails saying it is in an inconsistent state. Running the consistency check again, so not fix the inconsistency.

    The only logging I can see is an Event 33223 on the DPM server saying the "Backup job for datasource: Offline\VMName on production server: SCVMM VMName failed." I can't find anything in the logs on the Hyper-V host that the VM is on nor can I find anything logged on the SOFS cluster that hosts the VM VHDX files.

    How can I track down the source of this problem? There is nothing in the logs or in the errors in DPM pointing to the root issue.

    Monday, February 10, 2014 10:37 PM