How can I enable SuperFetch? RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I downloaded Java from Java.com (free download) to be able to open a file I received as email attachment. After the download something happened to my laptop pc (Windows 7). I received pop up messages that said something like "Your computer got infected you need to install Windows Defender 2015. And they started to pop up almost every second and also the screen view changed. It got upside down or windows messages moved and seemed to be multiplied, very unusual things kept going...

    I stopped it and went online on my tablet pc and looked for what to do if my computer got infected with virus (because that's what I thought happened). From what I read online I made sure that all Microsoft windows experts were all recommending to start my pc in safe mode and I found some instructions such as going to Task Manager and ending processes and also to clear some files and folders in Registry Editor. I wasn't able to clear files and folder in Registry Editor. To make short, I came to the conclusion that I needed live help from a Microsoft expert. I chatted online with some MS Support Desk techs and followed their instructions but it didn't help at all. When I click on the little flag icon with a red cross sign on it(the one that says Open Action Center) it says 1 important message-Turn on Windows Security Center service(Important) I tried to turn it on (I don't know how many times!) but I get the message "The Windows Security Center can't be started"

    I went to Troubleshooting and clicked on Check of Performance issues (under System and Security) it did checking and I got the message "Problems Found- SuperFetch is not running. Not Fixed. 

    My question is: HOW CAN I GET SuperFetch running? or How can I enable SuperFetch?

    Thank you.


    Saturday, February 21, 2015 10:01 PM