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  • I just want someone to know - and I'm sure as Microsoft employees and users this is already known, but as a graphic/web designer, every day of my working life is made a misery by defective Microsoft products.

    The hours, days and months I've spent trying to accommodate a design into what must be the most error ridden and outdated software on earth… it's exhausting. I am so, so, so sick of that blue lower case 'e' that has caused more time and money lost than anything else ever in my career. My entire office could burn to the ground and it would be less of an inconvenience than having to work with a piece of Microsoft software. I could win the lottery and it wouldn't bring me as much joy as being told that Explorer was outlawed and every copy was immediately erased starting NOW or than no client would ever again send me their logo designed in PowerPoint.

    I know there's no resolution to this, and I'm merely having a wee rant - but I've just had it today with trying to compensate for Microsoft's failings.

    I would just like Microsoft to put their hands up and admit it - they make dreadful software, it is truly, truly awful. We all know it, just give us an apology and if possible the 100's of hours of my life back that I've lost trying to figure out why a layout works in everything except Explorer.

     I'm off to buy a packet of cigarettes - which I stopped smoking five years ago. Nothing like a lack of CSS support in the worlds most used browser to provoke a re-addiction to nicotine.

    Wednesday, April 11, 2012 7:16 PM