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    I have a new gateway with vista and nvidia nforce and cannot play dvd's in wmp or media center  I contacted gateway and they dont seem too bright. They told me to get a decoder. Vista Home premium comes with a decoder. I have tried several things . WMP tells me >Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your DVD drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card.  Well My driver is up to date.Media center tells me that the dvd may be in use by another app. If all other apps. are closed, the video resolution may need to be lowered or the display connection type may not support playback of the dvd.What should I do? Can anyone give me some advice? I have tried all of these things and more . I even DLed other decoders and that didn't help either Open for Suggestions.
    Friday, February 29, 2008 8:44 PM

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  • Contributing from Australia - I have a brand new whiz bang Toshiba A200 with Windows Vista - the WMP plays up all the time - sometimes wont read Cd's I am ripping or wont burn - very tempremental - I am not all that computer literate but thought this laptop and its modern programs would do it all without problems. Maybe I am doing something wrong? When inserting CD's it comes up WMP not responding. Can anyone advise - also I have trying to lay DVD's both commercial and home made - wont play anything - doesnt even give me advice!  I previously had a brand new Toshiba that wouldnt read Cd's either - sent it to Toshiba but they couldnt repair it and therefore they gave me a covernote to get a new one - which is this one - but am having similar problems. Is it Toshiba or Microsoft programs?

    Its very annoying to pay so much for a laptop for it not to work properly. Am wondering if I should have got another brand!

    Can anyone suggest anything? Thanks I will be eternally grateful.


    Sunday, April 13, 2008 4:48 AM