Workgroup PC's aren't using Network Access Account RRS feed

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  • I'm having trouble with my workgroup PC's with downloading content from DP's.  The issue seems to be the workgroup PC's only try to use the system account to connect to the DP and get access denied. Verified this in the security log of the DP and no signs of NAA trying to make a connection, only connection attempt is anonymous from system.

    This happens with both application and software update deployments.  This is a new setup in our lab running CM2012R2, we have a network access account setup for the site, am able to get to the DP manually using the NAA and browse files from workgroup PC so it doesn't appear to be an account issue.  Any ideas?

    Errors from CITaskMGR.log

    State transition to (Failure), Error(0x80070005) : CITask(ScopeId_96F4180A-3322-4C19-A54E-AD7AECA711EF/DeploymentType_6cb55f50-e6a0-4a41-ab19-31990ba1ae22.2..Install.ContentDownload)

    Error from CAS.log

    Download failed for content Content_a25447cb-3c18-4434-ad2a-07ae4e441627.1 under context System, error 0x80070005


    CTM job {F45E0A79-1A98-4E9D-9A37-A0E41E94A313} encountered error 0x80070005 during download ('Error processing manifest.')- The error maps to denied access.

    Friday, May 23, 2014 5:32 PM