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  • Hello - I have two visuals: a date slicer and a matrix.  I need the values within the matrix to filter based on what is selected in the date slicer.  I've tried many formulas and read various posts but cannot seem to make it work.  I think my error is not referencing the related table correctly within measure 2.  Here's what I have so far:

    There are two tables:

    Table 1 - has IDs and dates (occurring multiple times)

    Table 2 - has column of unique dates and the month in text

    Table 1 & 2 are related by their date columns, Many : 1

    There are two measures:

    1) Count of IDs = COUNTX (FILTER ('Table_1', 'Table_1[ID] > 0), 'Table_1'[ID])

    2) Filtered by Month = CALCULATE ('Table_1'[Count of IDs], ALLSELECTED ('Table_2'[Month]) )

    Two Visuals:

    Slicer - Table_2 [Month]

    Matrix - Table_1 [ID] as Rows; (Measure 2) 'Filtered by Month' as a value

    How can I get the Month selected in the slicer to filter the Measure 2 values for only that month selected?


    SLICER  (no month selected)      SLICER (January selected)

      January February    ------->        January  February

    MATRIX (no month selected)      MATRIX (January selected)

     ID      Measure 2    ------->       ID      Measure 2

     1.1        1                                1.1      1    id 1 only showed up in Table_1 one time for January

     2.7        1                                6.5      2    id 6 only showed up in Table_1 two times for January

     6.5        3                              *ids 2.7 & 9.1 didn't show up at all for month of January*

     9.1        2

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