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  • I recently contacted Dell support via phone for a replacement battery. The support person asked me to run diagnostics regarding the battery. He asked me to press and Hold Fn key along with the Power button. It started Dell Pre-Boot System Assessment. After done with the battery diagnostics he asked me to quit the other diagnostics by pressing Esc key. I did so. Then somehow after the reboot I was prompted with a screen asking me to enter recovery key. (At that moment I was not sure of setting Bitlocker Device Encryption.) The support guy asked me to toggle few options in the Setup screen ( During POST I pressed F2 ):

    1.First he asked me to go to Settings> Security> PTT Security and then check the checkbox beside PTT On(earlier it was off)

    2.Next he asked me to change the SATA Operation under Settings> System Configuration> SATA Operation to RAID On (earlier it was set to AHCI

    3.I applied the changes and exited from the screen as he said. Again when I rebooted my laptop I was prompted with the same screen asking me to enter bitlocker key. I then accessed the recovery key in the mail and luckily I could log in to the system ( the first time the system rebooted again and asked me to enter bitlocker key, but the second time it worked).

    I noticed a weird thing after logging in to the system. I couldn't sign in using the PIN ( it seems to be changed somehow. I regularly use the same PIN though) but the Password and Picture Password worked. I reset the PTT Security and SATA Operation values to ones prior to making changes. 

    I thought all went fine until I rebooted the system the next day. It AGAIN asked me to enter the bitlocker recovery key. I updated my system and still it's asking me to enter the bitlocker recovery key every time I reboot it.

    NOTE: Prior to this there were no issues with my laptop and even it was long time since I updated my system. So everything was good prior to this. And I've made no changes to the BIOS before of after this.

    Someone please help me out get rid of entering the recovery key every time I reboot my laptop.

    My windows edition is Windows 10 Home 

    Also I happened to see an article stating that BitLocker isn't available on Windows 10 Home edition. So please help me understand the difference between "device encryption" and "standard bitlocker encryption" that is available on Windows 10 Home as stated in the article.

    I know this question is too long to read, but please help me out with solution or guidance. Thanks in Advance.

    Thursday, September 26, 2019 8:00 AM

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  • I can't give you any work arounds to resolve that I'm afraid however for what its worth, I had the same issue on work laptop where I was being asked for the Bitlocker key everytime I booted up from cold. This was running Windows 10 pro.

    I did a bit of searching and in the end found it was easier just to reinstall the laptop and start again which did resolve the issue. Pain in the backside I know.

    Hopefully someone more ofey with Windows 10 Home edition could give better advice but I'd say its probs just as quick formatting and reinstalling.

    Thursday, September 26, 2019 8:14 AM
  • Oh that really scares me. Reinstalling again is really a pain in the back. And moreover I don't have any windows 10 software with me. Anyways thanks for the reply.
    Thursday, September 26, 2019 8:37 AM
  • Hi,

    No matter Windows 10 home or Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, device encryption is available to use for protecting vital data. On Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, we call it Bitlocker.

    I noticed you use Dell device and you have enabled PTT security, so once you meet Dell Device encryption/Bitlocker encryption requirement, device will enable Device encryption/Bitlocker automatically. 

    For more information about automatic encryption, please refer to: 

    Automatic Windows Device Encryption / BitLocker on Dell Systems

    So start up call for recovery key is an expected behavior after encrypted system.

    If you bored of entering recovery key every time, try to turn off Device Encryption/BitLocker temporarily through command line "manage-bde -protectors -disable C:" as administrator.

    For PIN issue, we could check if the issue persists after turn off Bitlocker.

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