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  • Hi,

    Currently in our infra, we are using "Script" Deployment-type in Configuration Manager to deploy AppV 5.x applications (Machine Targeting) were-in we use a vbscript to Add/Publish/Mount the package (Deployment option is Download from DP and execute Locally).

    We now want to move to User targeting but were wondering if we could still use the "Script" deployment-type to do so. So far we were only deploying applications to laptops and desktops but now would like to target VDIs (Non-Persistent ones) as well. We know that there is a App-V deployment type available while creating a new deployment type but the VB script we used earlier writes some additional configurations to client machine and we would like to explore if script deployment type can still be leveraged to perform user based app-v deployment.

    Kindly advice.

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  • what does your script to? why did you not use the native appv deployment type in config manager?

    there are 3 deployment options for appv5:

    1) native infra (you need a appv publishing and managing server, which can be the same server)
    2) Config manager
    3) 3th party tooling / scripting.

    So yes, basically you could still use your scripted methode, bur why should you if you've got config manager inplace?

    Roy Essers

    Sunday, July 1, 2018 4:47 PM
  • By Scripted method above, I was referring to Script Deployment type in SCCM that we are using to target machines for AppV 5.1.

    The vbscript being used currently writes certain branding Keys to registry which is used for inventory purpose. We have roughly some 1000+ apps deployed currently using the same. If we were to change from DeploymentType from Script to native AppV (wherein the input would be the .appv file alone), we would have to revisit all these applications and modify it so that the branding keys are now written via deploymentConfig files using a script which will be part of the .appv package itself. Also making this update to existing App-V applications would change the version GUID of the package.

    So was wondering if we could still continue using ScriptDeploymentType in Config Manager which would basically make use of the same vbscript but this time have user groups targeted (User collection). So the question is: Will Appv application deployed via  SCCM with DeploymentType as Script still be published to logged in users instead of machine if targeted to User Collection? Also I see that "Stream application from DP" is not an option when deploying AppV via Script DeploymentType which we would require for non-persistent VDIs .

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  • You can use the SCCM App-V 5.x Deployment type to Add/Publish your virtual package on the machines.

    In order to add the registry keys for branding, you can create another script deployment type within the same application and mark the App-V Deployment type as a dependency for the "Registry Branding" deployment type.

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  • Hi Mohit,

    Though am yet to try and verify the solution you proposed, came across a link (https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/aa55714a-7a46-49a1-804a-20b16b205ca6/dependency-detection-issue?forum=configmanagerapps) in this forum where deploying setting one DT as dependency for another DT within the same Application does not work.

    Have you tried your solution?

    Monday, July 2, 2018 2:03 PM
  • Hi,

    Yes, we have tried this in our environment.

    We also have a DT for App-V installation and other for package branding on the machines.

    The only difference I see in your situation and ours is regarding the App-V DT being installed in user context, but the solution is worth trying.

    Monday, July 2, 2018 5:00 PM
  • I do not see why the dependancy would not work.

    You could also, as Mohit states, published the packages natively though appv deployment types, and create a CI to set the registry settings.
    I don't know which additional (banding) settings you add to your registry… but if these are basic settings you could create 1 posh script, which queries your published app-v packages (on the client), and append registry keys if needed. In addition to that, if your app-v package contains AssetIntelligence, Config Manager will already have an inventory for this package!!

    Roy Essers

    Monday, July 2, 2018 10:00 PM