it seems that i have scam on my pc[laptop] and on my hp RRS feed

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  • Dear sire it seems that I have scam,how can this be.Internet sit ful of this like you no yes I use your windows defender what it defend? the scam make only trouble so also when I get one good idea in my brain and I send this to you it sal be difficult for myget one idea because in the past I have lying 6 month in coma troughone traffic crash bad luck with spiritueel help I come out coma but there is alway's a egels id 0,0 I have it never learn on scool,there are alway's people that like scool I worked better with my hands. like I mention that I lying in coma 1984/5. more than 30 year ago. and I have already trouble download and instal the windows updates in case the scam block this,the scam torment my let 30 updates failed so if you ore Microsoft send my sommeting be sure that the scam make one mix of it it did this already with the creators update scam [give] my nothing yes I must buy a nadder hdd what use a little later I have the same trouble you no how strong your defender is the scam jump easy trough the defender
    Sunday, July 16, 2017 3:06 AM