MICROSOFT- Internationally UN-accepted...text code for a US number but no longer in the US?? RRS feed

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  • My account was never hacked, I chose to "recover" it because I needed to recover my password and the only option I was given was a text-code.
    Instead, now I have ZERO access to my email, and because I'm currently studying and working abroad in Germany your stupid system that requires a cell phone number and text, does not work. 
    I know Microsoft is a US company, but perhaps they should stop trying to collect information like phone numbers that users dont want to disclose, and instead come up with a more effective way of being internationally useful instead of an international pain in the ass. 

    Now that I am stuck with no email access, and no way of receiving a text to a US number which no longer exists, AND no further option for a security question or keyword, can you tell me exactly WTF I am supposed to do? That would be great since I need immediate access to this email account and have ZERO time to wait a month for whatever process is subsequently occuring.

    Thanks in advance, 
    Ryan Bertoldi
    Rocket Internet
    Berlin, Germany 
    Monday, March 17, 2014 3:07 PM