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  • Please bear with me as I am new to Sharepoint so I hope the context of this situation is explained OK.

    We have a domain (DomainA) that hosts a Sharepoint site. We also recently acquired a company (DomainB) that we have a Forest Trust setup with.

    Users within DomainA are able to access the Sharepoint site and search the various pages without issue. When they do this, they just navigate to http://sharepoint and they auto authenticate with their domain credentials.

    However, if they type in http://sharepoint.domaina.local they are prompted to authenticate. If they login using DOMAINA\Username, they can access the Sharepoint site but take the "Unknown Error" message in their browser when attempting to search any of the pages.

    Obviously this is affecting users in DomainB as well as the only way they can resolve our sharepoint site is to append our domain name to sharepoint and then they can authenticate using their DOMAINB\Username credentials but again take the Unknown Error when searching.

    Searching only appears to function correctly when using a URL that does not include the suffix. Is there an option in Sharepoint that I have to set in order to correct this problem or is it somewhere else.


    Thursday, January 27, 2011 11:25 PM

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