File Details Modification Bug - Case Changes Not Detected RRS feed

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  • When modifying file details (via the details pan, or the details tab after going into the files properties), if only the case of letters has changed within a field, with no actual characters changed, the update isn't applied. Instead, a character needs to be removed or added for Vista to detect a change and therefore update the data. This is an issue as I like to properly capitalize album titles and things, and so unless I make another modification (as in fix a typo, or add punctuation), the change isn't applied as Vista doesn't seem to detect case changes on their own.

    I'm running Vista SP1 by the way. This is obviously an easy one to reproduce, and probably just as easy to fix (I'm a php developer, so
    in php, such a bug would be fixed by simply wrapping a built-in function around a string).

    Thought I'd spend the time to let MS know. I hope they read these forums.
    Thursday, July 10, 2008 10:46 AM