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  • Several threads here keep skirting around the same problem and I can't help but wonder if Microsoft is really that dense or are they just avoiding the issues that are discussed. The several posts by MS techs inquiring about what is wrong with Windows Live Mail seem very obvoius to many but maybe if you are on the inside of Microsoft you just get blinded by the glare off those office windows and cubical partitions...  With that assumption made I offer the following explaination to the textual intercourse. 

    Windows Live Mail cannot hold a candle to Windows Mail or to Outlook or Outlook Express for that matter...  Windows Live mail is nothing more than Microsoft slight of hand to trick the public into using Webased Email which is something which any tech worth his A+ cert goes out of his way to warn users away from. There simply is no good reason to use webmail or to view ones mail in the browser unless you are traveling and have access only to public or strangers computers to check your email with.  The only ones who benefit from encouraging the use of browser based webmail are the advertisers, spammers, and ad based internet sites like Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc...   Windows Live Mail is just Microsoft's way of gaining more control and monitoring access to private user's email and address books. Just as Hotmail, yahoo mail and a host of others do.  What kind of moron prefers their personal address book to be on some server rather than on their own hard drive?  Windows Live Mail also does not support the use of stationery or background sound files.  My customers are all taught to be creative with their emails to keep them from getting boring to others. They create their own stationery and download professional stationery from many online sources. They are given thousands of midi music files and animated gif's files that I have collected over the years and they enjoy impressing their friends and relatives with amusing animated emails with music and sound effects. Many of my customers are deeply disappointed that they will lose all of this when they upgrade to Windows 7. I am dissappointed too since I had been looking forward to Windows 7 ending many of the constant problems that still plague Vista users. I have many clients that say they will not upgrade from XP now even though they had been waiting for 2 years or more for Windows 7.  The public just seems to be tired of being taken advantage of by Microsoft.  I used to defend them, but I haven't the stomach to do that anymore. If safety online was such an important issue that MS finally took notice and reacted with Windows Vista & Windows 7 Then why would you not want to include a safe email client that is integrated within the OS?  Answer: Because the real purpose is to force everyone into using a stupid Live ID to login and that is one step closer to just leasing the OS and Officee Apps instead of licensing it. 
    Imagine people... start up your pc one day and get the message... "Your Windows Office Lease has expired, Please provide payment authority and Visa number to continue using your computer"   Optionally you can : Shut Down  
    This seems to be where it is heading, incrementally just like everything else that is crushing the consumer.  Is it everyone on the left coast that thinks like that?
    pcgeezer  Pomona Park, Fl.    

    Friday, October 23, 2009 4:04 AM