USMT with /vsc switch ignore unconditionalExclude patterns RRS feed

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  • Got a weird situation whereby I am excluding D: (and all other partitions other than C:) using a custom xml file. While testing, I was coming across some locked files, so I added /vsc and it seemed to continue. Once I fleshed out my ScanState.exe parameters, however, I could not exclude the contents of D:. Not until I removed /vsc anyway.

    After testing a few more times I found that /vsc seems to show similar behaviour to /localonly in that it will include all fixed drives regardless of what's specified in the xml files.

    Anyone seen this before? I have searched high and low and have not found any clues to why this is happening.

    <migration urlid=>
        <component type="Documents" context="System">
            <displayName>Exclude D drive</displayName>
            <role role="Data">
          <pattern type="File">D:\*[*]</pattern>

    EDIT: Wrong forum, sorry. I misread as Assessment and Deployment Kit. I wonder if a mod can move this to the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit forum?
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