Returning a scope field instead of a simple field via source-ref RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    Lets say we have the following index profile:

    * We have a scope field 'contributors' that holds an xml structure;

    * we have a multi-value string field 'searchablecontributors' that has all the searchable text from the mentioned scope field. This field is configured as follows:

    <field name="'searchablecontributors'"
               tokenize="auto" />

    What i would like to achieve is that contents of 'searchablecontributors' are returned in search results regardless of any hits in this particular field. Just need that scope markup specified via 'source-ref'. Alternatively, getting the contents of 'contributors' is ok. The tricky part is that this should happen even if I do not specify any scope and hit the default 'composite-field'.

    So far, I get the results, but not the scope markup. It seems that the issue here is configuration of the teaser generator. Is there some way to tell it 'Hey, for field X, i want you to always return its contents'?

    Thank you,


    Thursday, November 22, 2012 3:52 PM