Looking for Best Solution for Domain Controller that will be Disconnected for Long Periods of Time


  • I have a requirement to provide the capability to stand up a number of small networks consisting of a DC, a few application servers and ~10 workstations.  We will have around 15 of these setups that need to be stood up quickly when needed, used for some weeks or months and then stored until needed again. They will be connected to our main network (a domain consisting of multiple sites with a few thousand users) at times and possibly disconnected and function as its own little island for long periods of time. I'm looking for suggestions on how best to accomplish this. I'm concerned about issues such as being disconnected for longer than the tombstone lifetime. We are currently thinking of creating a child domain for each one of these 'kits'. Looking forward to reading any and all suggestions.


    Friday, March 10, 2017 7:41 PM


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