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  • Hello all.

    I created a 3-node WSFC and created a 2-way mirror shared volume with Storage Space Direct(S2D).
    At that time, the used capacities of each physical disk were almost symmetrical.

    Enable-ClusterS2D -AutoConfig $False

    New-StoragePool -FriendlyName "S2D" -PhysicalDisks (Get-PhysicalDisk | ? CanPool -EQ $True) -StorageSubSystemUniqueId (Get-StorageSubSystem Cluster*).UniqueId -WriteCacheSizeDefault 0

    New-Volume -FriendlyName "Volume1" -FileSystem CSVFS_NTFS -StoragePoolFriendlyName "S2D" -UseMaximumSize -ResillencySettingName Mirror -NumberOfColums 1

    Then I added 1 node to the cluster and added physical disks to the S2D storage pool.

    Add-PhysicalDisk -StoragePoolFriendlyName "S2D"-PhysicalDisks (Get-PhysicalDisk | ? CanPool -EQ $True)

    Optimize-StoragePool -FriendlyName "S2D"

    After completing the Optimize-StoragePool, when I check the used capacity of the physical disk,
     it is not symmetric, so I cannot add all the capacity of the added physical disk to the volume.

    How can I add all the capacity of the added physical disk to the shared volume?


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  • Hi Bamboo,
    I have already see your thread, in fact, for deep research on the , I advise open a support ticket with Microsoft. There are best resources can help you.


    On forum platform, we can do limited for you, what i can come up with has been delivered.

    Thank you for understanding and cooperating.
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