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  •  Hello, I hope this message finds you well....

                     I have had an issue with logging in my PC, and I guess I have been stubborn trying to (fix it) solve the problem myself. The thing is I am not really great with Computers. I did not have them in school, they were just coming in when I left. I am not that old, I don't think so anyway.

             The issue is when I get on my computer to do anything, but I guess all of it is on-line. Anyway Tray.App.msi comes up every time! I have tried searching for the problem, but I do not even know where to go to solve this issue. Would you have ANY IDEA what in the world this could be? Once I finally get it off the screen everything will work ok, unless it comes back on the screen and it does occasionally.

                                 PLEASE HELP ME!  Signed "Not so old Lady", Stacy "staceson" Fulgham

    Saturday, August 6, 2016 10:15 PM