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    We are running Window 7 with IE9 installed on our domain PCS. We have a training suite that has two AD accounts, one with internet access and one without so the trainee's don't abuse the internet. They usually know when they need to access one of the online training websites to log off the none internet account and log onto the account with web access. When they forget this and open IE as the none internet user they get a message from our proxy that they don't have access. They will then log off and log on as the account with internet access and for some reason IE seems to cache the none internet accounts AD credentials somewhere as every attempt to access the internet comes from the none internet access account. This will work both ways, ie if they have logged in as the internet access AD account and use IE, then log off and log on as the none internet access account, that account then has internet access. This only happens when IE is used so if they have been in as the none web access account and don't launch IE, once they go on to the account with web access and launch IE they are able to access the web fine. Does anyone know how i can stop this caching from occurring?

    PS also if it helps, the caching seems to last for around 10-20mins and once its been left it then picks up the correct credentials in IE.


    Wednesday, April 2, 2014 12:39 PM