DPM 2007 Version 2.0.8868.0 not compressing File server PG before sending to LTO 3 standalone tape drive. RRS feed

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  • Hello Experts,

    We have DPM 2007 installed on Server 2008 x64 SP2, and we have a Quantum LTO 3 standalone tape drive, We are using LTO 2 tapes as they are compatible.

    The issue im having is that the LTO 2 tapes only gets filled just below half way to maybe 197GB. Since our File PG is setup to compress data then the tapes should be taking on atleast 390GB compressed but the compression does not seem to be working.

    So to troubleshoot below is what i have done so far.

    - Made sure the drives and the firmware is up to data for the LTO 3 tape drive.

    - Confimred DPM 2007 supports LTO 3 drives.

    - Used a brand new LTO 2 tapes to see if that makes any differance.

    - Set the File PG not to compress or encrpt data and then try backing up the PG to tape with same results of around 197GB. It doesnt matter if the comression is set on the PG or not the tape gets filled half way.

    - Disable the data compression on the file PG on the DPM server and enabled the Hardware compression at the tape drive level using xtalk management too with out any positive results. Hardware compression keeps disabling it self not sure why.

    -I've done pretty much all i could with any positive results. Can you guys please guide me from here as to what could be causing the tape to fill only half way? I would much appriciate it.


    So we got the LTO 3 tapes to test and even that is only filling up to 396 GB with comression on the PG.

    It appears the DPM 2007 compressions is not really compressing the Data!

    Can someone please look into it?

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