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    I'm having issues with multiple hyper-v web servers since yesterday. We currently have hyper-v hosts in a failover cluster, all running virtual machines for different companies. Usually they have a DC, RDS, SQL and a WEB server, running Windows Server 2012 or 2016. Yesterday I've noticed on host4, the web servers (only on host4 and only the web servers) started to lose their internet connection one by one. Problematic VMs could not be reached by RDP connection but I've been able to log on to them from Hyper-v manager . The situation was the same on all the problematic VMs:

    1. Internet connection lost
    2. Can't even ping the default gateway
    3. Happened on both 2012 and 2016 servers
    4. All of them were on their own public network
    5. All of them had fix ip addresses
    6. No settings have been changed in the past 1 month on any of the affected VMs
    7. All affected VMs were on host4
    8. Live-migrating problematic VMs to another host solved the problem instantly

    Since moving VMs to another host fixed the problem, I started to look for reasons on host4. No errors in the event logs whatsoever. Host4 has sufficient resources, when the issue happened it's volume had 69GB of free disk space out 3TB. It seems like there should be more free disk space but I don't see any reason for this to cause the issue since 2 other hosts have a similar amount of free space.

    Do you have any suggestions on where to look for roots of this issue or how to fix it? It's the first time it happened and we've been running these hosts for many years now.

    Thursday, November 19, 2020 11:03 AM

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